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For lunch today, my friends and I decided to try out 90 miles Cuban Café in Logan Square.  A good Cuban place should always be a prerequisite on any person’s rotation of regular restaurants.  I am happy to say that 90 miles will join my rotation.  Lunch was delectable and simple like Cuban food should be.  That’s the thing that I admire most about Cuban food — its unpretentious straight-forwardness.

I had a Cuban sandwich (roasted pork, bacon, Swiss cheese, pickle, and mustard) which is by far the most popular sandwich on the menu.  There is just something about the combination of mustard and pickle on this sandwich that makes me fall more in love with it, with every bite.   So simple, yet effective, no wonder why it is their most popular sandwich.  One of my friends went with the Guajirito (steak, romaine lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, Swiss cheese on green plantains).  He enjoyed it, but the plantains left little room for error and it did get a little messy.

Overall, the food exceeded our expectations for a solid price (about$ 6.50 a sandwich and an extra $5.50 for rice and beans if you want it) and left us full and satisfied.

A quick note on the service from my friend, (which was no frills but very good) I liked the fact that they didn’t have ice coffee but he was smart enough to know that coffee + ice = ice coffee.  It’s amazing how many places can’t figure that out.

The place is a small 12 seat dine-in spot that has expanded by making its outside seating accessible during the winter.  There’s a quirky charm to it that you notice before you walk in.  They are playing what I assume to be Cuban music in the background and it just adds to the decor.

On the weekends they have a brunch buffet ($14.95), which looked amazing.  With a short order cook in hand, we all agreed that we would have to come back soon to try it out.  If you are looking for Cuban food and are in or around Logan Square I highly recommend you stop by 90 Miles Cuban Café to get your fix.